• Full Day Herb Walk

    we venture into areas most do not..

  • Interesting flowers

    so many shapes and colors

  • Diversity in nature

    we call them fairy lanterns..

  • Full Day Herb Walk

    we keep our groups to no more than 10

  • Wild Orchids

    there are at least 8 varieties..

  • Oregano Budding

  • Private Walks

    for those that prefer we offer 1 on 1

  • Star of `bethleham

Cronus, the father of Zeus, was the father of the Centaur Chiron, but it was Apollon, the god of light and sun, who taught Chiron about herbal medicines, making him the first Herbalist. He was wounded by Hercules, and he created herbal medicine to heal his wound. He then taught Asclepius the art of healing, who became the source of divine medical knowledge. Asclepius it’s said taught Achilles the gift of medical knowledge.

Kalymnos is dedicated to Apollon of Delos. The exceptional herbal medicines found here in Kalymnos are Apollonas' gifts to Kalymnos, a gift of nature to humanity. After all, Kalymnos is full of light and that makes all the difference in quality and strength.

Hippocrates turned away from the divine notions of medicine, using observation of the body as a basis for medical knowledge. Prayers and sacrifices to the gods did not hold a place in his theories, but changes in diet, beneficial medicinal herbs, and keeping the body in balance were key.

We believe the balance of both spiritual and medicinal knowledge holds the key. Leaning towards herbal medicines but also acknowledging that at times chemical treatment has its place. Where we differ is that we accept that Herbal Medicines do have a place in this modern world, after all, Creator created them as food and as medicine.

As Hippocrates put it.

Let your food be your medicine

   and let your medicine be your food.

Join us for a 4-hour Herbal Walk it's an unforgettable experience. If you'd like to dive in deeper, we offer Workshops a 1 Day and a 2 Day, they include time in our Lab and you leave with not only herbs gathered but a couple of products you made!

Kalymnos is a little island located in the Southern Aegean Sea a barren island of rock for some, but its reality is a plethora of wild medicinal and culinary herbs unlike anything else. Its harsh climate produces plants that are hearty. They have to, to survive. Because of this the strength and power of the plants are second to none.

Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Saint John's Wort, Life Everlasting the list is seemingly endless all grow here in profusion. The summer is dry, it normally never rains from March until late September or October. The winters are cold and rainy, sometimes one wonders will the rain ever stop. But this is some of what makes the floral and fauna on the island what it is. Bare rock mountains with bits of soil, here and there, but then for the plants here that is what makes them so strong. Thyme for example needs heat and the essential oils contained within them is intense. It's why the Honey from Kalymnos has been known and famous since Homer. It's dark and filled with the essence of Thyme and has no comparison to Thyme Honey found elsewhere in Greece. One thing is certain, you'll be glad you did and many come back for more when they revisit Kalymnos! 


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