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Herbal Walks

Kalymnos has a Biological Clock like no other place, the most abundant time for flowers and herbs is January through May. Crocus here bloom in November so you see it is very different here in Kalymnos. We limit our Herbal Walks to 5 persons, it's an environmental impact issue for us, it is very fragile and we respect that.

We offer 3 Herbal Walks. A Private Walk, our Normal Walk and in certain times of the year a 2 Hour Walk. Private & Normal Herbal Walks are 4 hours (minimum) and are held on Sundays, more details below and on the Events themselves...

All Day Herbal Walks offered October through mid May, begin from our store Naturally Kalymnos in Pothia, located just 50 meters South of the Taxi Station on the one-way road going towards the port. It's on the left a yellow 2 story Greek Neo-Classical building just before the road turns left.

Upstairs in our Herbal Workshop and Lecture room where we will enjoy a cold Herbal Tea as we lay out our plans for the walk and watch a brief presentation of plants and past walks in different seasons. This way you'll have an idea of just how amazing the plant life in Kalymnos is! Walks vary in where we go it depends on what plants are in season and where they may be most plentiful for this particular Herb Walk. An Herbal Walk kit is provided so you'll have what you need to harvest various herbs on our walk.

Exactly where we go depends on the time of year but we do go to several places to see a variety of what the land has to offer. We will stop towards the end for a picnic to enjoy some food we created using local ingredients and a chance to discuss our Herbal Walk and to answer questions. Then we head back to town to Naturally Kalymnos and you will have an opportunity to see the products made from the Herbs of Kalymnos and private shopping if you wish.

Transportation is included.

Private Walks originally created for customer that wanted a one on one Herbal Walk at their pace. We've expanded it to include those in your party, up to 3 adults in the price and if there are more than 3 adults it's the same per additional person as our All Day Herbal Walk and we'll keep it just the members of your party. It's more intimate and very relaxed, we go with your pace. We do include transportation for Private Walks. Children under 8 years old are free.

4 Hour Walks begin towards the end of May and offered until October. Held on Sundays 3pm until 7pm, they begin from Naturally Kalymnos Downtown or Naturally Kalymnos 2 at the Hotel Plaza, where Naturally Kalymnos 2 can be found. It depends on what is more convenient for those booking the walk. Minimum of 3 people maximum 5. If less than 3 then we consider it a Private Walk. We will visit a few different areas and end with a Picnic in a special place to wrap up our adventure.

2 Hour Walks are the shortest walks we offer and only until the mid May. Held on Saturdays 4pm until 6pm (16:00-18:00) and begin from our Summer Store Naturally Kalymnos 2 in Masouri, at the Hotel Plaza. 

For all the Walks we recommend, drinking water, light snacks, sunscreen, comfortable walking/hiking shoes, camera, hat, sunglasses. Remember during the summer, the sun is hot! *warning sandals are not recommended as many plants have sharp thorns and spikes!

Pre-booking is required and can be done online here. It will take you to Paypal where you can use any Credit Card to complete your booking. Transportation is not needed as we walk from here to the areas for our herbal walk. Sandals are not recommended!


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