• Full Day Herb Walk

    we venture into areas most do not..

  • Interesting flowers

    so many shapes and colors

  • Diversity in nature

    we call them fairy lanterns..

  • Full Day Herb Walk

    we keep our groups to no more than 10

  • Wild Orchids

    there are at least 8 varieties..

  • Oregano Budding

  • Private Walks

    for those that prefer we offer 1 on 1

  • Star of `bethleham

Thirsty for knowledge? Our Workshops fill your plate out in the field and inside in the Lab where it all comes together.

Our Workshops: Essential Oils & Floral Waters, Making Cosmetics, Teas Tinctures, and Infusions. 

For those who wish to sell our products, we have Training Workshops to learn all about why Vitae Value products are so different, why and what they do. In order to really serve your customers, this is a required class for anyone wishing to retail, wholesale or distribute our products. They really are that unique.

Our space is available for lectures and others wishing to host workshops. Contact us for further information.

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