Welcome to Kalymnos Herbs. We look forward to your joining us for an Herbal Walk in the nature of Kalymnos. Please bear in mind that Sandals migh inhibit your ability to walk the terrain comfortably as Thistles of all sizes, shapes exist and it might be a discomfort with exposed toes and getting in your feet.

We advise you to bring snacks while we trek, and bear in mind we will select routes to fit the group. Locations change with different times of the year and what is currently best available. It's Mother Natures world and we just follow her lead.

If you have questions please feel free to contact us by email, phone or drop in by our stores. Naturally Kalymnos and when open for the season Naturally Kalymnos 2. Business pnoe is 22430 59933 Mobile is 698 0833888.

Bring a hat, sunglasses and meds id you need them. 4 hours in the Nature of Kalymnos and a picnic on us!

Thank you for booking and see you at the downtown store, where it all starts!


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12-16-2018 1:00 pm -5:00 pm
Naturally Kalymnos
Naturally Kalymnos
Kalamiotissa, Kalymnos, 85200, Greece
4 Hour Herb Walk

We meet Sunday at 2 pm (15:00) and head off to explore what herbs and medicinals are available during this particular Herb Walk at this time of year. The Main Herbal Show presented by Mother Nature herself in Kalymnos occurs from October until the end of May. After that there are certainly some herbs and medicinals but the vast unfathomable plethora is during the Fall, Winter and Spring.

The heat begins to cook the herbs in May so when June comes along we have lots of browns and some green, by the end of June little green and by July we have mostly shades of brown and gold. Septeber themperatures begin to drop and we look for our first rains.

60.00 5

12-16-2018 1:00 pm -5:00 pm
Kalymnos Herb Walks
Kalymnos Herb Walks
Unnamed Road, Mirties 852 00, Greece
Private Herbal Walk 1-3 persons

It’s as intimate as it gets. We go to several places and always at your pace. Nothing too steep or strenuous but certainly not on the beaten path. Up to 3 adults and children under 6 are free. If there are more in your group then it’s a regular Herb Walk though it might just be those in your party we can take a maximum of 5. Transportation is included and where we start depends on you. Are you closer to Downtown or Myrthies? Pre-booking is required as we do need to prepare. Book online or stop in either store no later than the day before. Saturday downtown closes at 2, Massouri at 23:00 booking cut off is 7 pm 19:00 on Saturday.

If you need to book for more than 3 adults, please use the Regular Herb Walk.

180.00 3

Come for a tour

Pothia, Kalymnos
Dodecanese 85200

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Mobile: +30 698 0833888

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