• Full Day Herb Walk

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  • Full Day Herb Walk

    we keep our groups to no more than 10

  • Wild Orchids

    there are at least 8 varieties..

  • Oregano Budding

  • Private Walks

    for those that prefer we offer 1 on 1

  • Star of `bethleham

Learn to harvest the plants parts needed to create Essential Oils and Floral Waters aka Hydrosols. This workshop will be offered a couple of times a year when the specific plants are at their height for distilling. 

We will ethically harvest the plants needed to fill our 70 liter still and then run a steam or bath distillation depending on the plants being distilled. You'll learn the different types of distillation (water we do not do chemical) and enjoy the results. You will at the end of the workshop have some essential oil and hydrosol to take home with you and use. You leave with a much better understanding of just is involved, the yields and their value.

More information will be posted as we further finalize this event.

Hydrosols aka Floral Waters are what is produced when we distill. Along with the Hydrosol is the essential oil, the Hydrosol contains all the phyto nutrients of the plant and the essential oil is separated after the distillation process.

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